Your Special Gift to Help Kiwi Kids into the Future

By considering Variety - The Children’s Charity in your will, you can improve the futures of many more deserving Kiwi kids. Bequests are an effective and much-needed way of keeping the heart of Variety beating.

A bequest is an instruction within a will that reserves part of your estate (such as assets, shares or bonds, or money) for a particular beneficiary. Leaving a bequest is one of the most personal ways that you can support our work, and for some it is an opportunity to make a gift that you may not otherwise be able to make during your lifetime.

Why Have a Will?

When you make a will you decide the future of your assets. After taking care of your loved ones, you can therefore choose to leave a lasting legacy to create positive change for the causes and the people that you care about. Having a will allows your wishes to be carried out after your death and helps to avoid any confusion.

Making a Bequest to Variety

A bequest to Variety, whether modest or substantial, helps to create a lasting legacy for generations of Kiwi kids to come. Monies that come to Variety - The Children’s Charity from a bequest may be invested in the Future Kiwi Kids Fund and the interest used from this fund supports Variety and our work with sick, disabled and disadvantaged Kiwi kids in the future. Your special gift keeps on giving for years to come.

Your bequest can be for a specific amount, a percentage of your total estate or the residue of your estate after your other commitments have been met. If you have an existing will, and you wish to include a bequest to Variety, please contact your legal advisor about changing the will by a codicil. (A codicil is a document that amends rather than replaces a previously-executed will). This is usually free of charge or at a nominal cost.

We strongly recommend that you seek advice from a legal advisor or trustee company when arranging your will.

The following wording is suggested for leaving a bequest in your will to Variety:

“I give to Variety -The Children’s Charity (% of estate, the residue of my estate, or sum of money, or write description of the property or asset given) for general purposes, for which the receipt of an authorised officer of Variety shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustees”.

Should you prefer to make your bequest for a special area of interest, please contact us. By telling us what is important to you, we are able to suggest how your gift, pledged through your will now, can help Kiwi kids in the future.

For more information or to notify us of your bequest, please contact  +64 9 520 4111.

All enquiries are treated in confidence. It is however beneficial for us to know if you have left or are considering leaving a bequest to Variety, so we can acknowledge your generous support and keep you updated with our work.