With your help, Variety reaches Kiwi kids in need right across the country and each one has a story worth sharing. Here are just a few of those stories.

Meet Shanae

Meet Shanae. Shanae is five years old and has Global Development Delay which affects her language development and learning motor skills. Her parents applied to Variety for a... Read more

Meet Jade

Meet Jade. She's a happy and outgoing 17 year old who loves music. Jade was diagnosed with multiple disabilities from birth including Fryns-Aftimos syndrome and vision and hearing impairments... Read more

Meet Lockie

Meet Lockie. He is 13 years old and is severely autistic, intellectually impaired and has major sensory and behavioural challenges. His passion in life is swinging. It calms him... Read more

Meet Eli

Meet Eli. He's nine years old and is the second of triplets. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 14 months old. Eli’s mum has to monitor his blood glucose levels several times during the... Read more

Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie. Variety provided a $1000 grant so his family could purchase a Vitamix blender for his meals. Charlie was born with a condition called tracheal-esophageal atresia... Read more

Meet Sistema Aotearoa

This year Variety provided the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra’s Sistema Aotearoa programme with a grant of more than $8500 to purchase a new set of woodwind instruments.... Read more

Meet Cherie

Cherie and her children used to live in Christchurch, but after the earthquakes in 2011 they were effectively left homeless, losing nearly all their personal possessions, furniture and appliances... Read more

Meet Jesse and Dillon

Aucklanders Jesse and Dillon contacted us in 2014 to say they wanted to walk from Auckland to Taupo to raise funds for Kiwi Kid Sponsorship. Incredibly, they did the walk in just a few days, spreading the... Read more

Meet Breana

Meet Breana. Breana is 15 and has been awarded a Variety Gold Heart Scholarship the last two years to help her realise her dream of dancing professionally."At three years of age I had my first ballet lesson... Read more

Meet Elijah

Meet Elijah. Last week Elijah was presented with a brand new bike on the Variety Bikes for Kids tour in Northland. His mum said: “He has gone to sleep in the lounge tonight so he could sleep beside ... Read more

Meet Dannille

Meet Dannille. Things were looking up for 12-year-old Dannille and her family. Her mum had been saving up for new uniforms and had got them all ready for school to start... Read more

Meet Minji

Minji is 18 years old and received a Variety Gold Heart Scholarship in 2015. Minji has profound autism and learning difficulties and is mainly non-verbal. She’s a talented artist and uses art as her way of communicating... Read more

Meet Sam

Meet Sam. Sam has Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy and is getting progressively weaker, and tires easily. A powered wheelchair for school helps manage his fatigue but as a typical Kiwi lad... Read more