Bikes for Kids   

The annual Variety Bikes for Kids Tour is part of the Variety Kids on the Move mobility programme, which provides life-enriching assistance to Kiwi kids. Each year Variety provides around 450 deserving or disadvantaged children with the freedom and independence of having their very own bike. Some children have overcome adverse circumstances, in some situations the family is simply not in a position to purchase a bike and in other cases the programme recognises and rewards children who are role models at their school or in their community.

Each year we change our tour route so we can reach different regions of New Zealand. Schools and communities in the specified areas are invited to participate by nominating a deserving child to receive a bike. We are now calling for nominations for kids from the areas on our tour route below to receive a brand new bike!


The 2015 Variety Bikes for Kids Tour will take place in November! Tour route to be announced.


For $200 you can buy a Kiwi kid their very own bike and helmet. Click here to help today.

Simply select 'Bikes for Kids' in the drop down box on the second page.


Variety would like to thank its Bikes for Kids sponsors, without whom, this programme simply wouldn't be possible.