2015 Variety Trillian Bash - 25th Anniversary! 

Suzy Cato - dressed as Penelope Pitstop - with Sydnie Maxwell and her new electric scooter, just one of the many grants given out on the Bash tour route.

At the heart of Variety's fundraising efforts is the unique Variety Bash - an eccentric car rally which travels hundreds of kilometres during one week in March each year fundraising for Kiwi kids, distributing grants, entertaining children and telling the Variety story.  It's a mad-cap adventure full of unique vehicles, larger-than-life characters and heart-felt philanthropy.  

In March 2015 we held our 25th Anniversary Bash! Starting in New Plymouth, 30 Bash teams travelled south to Wellington, then back up to finish in Auckland. This was one of the bigger Bashes covering all the towns that the Bash teams reside. Along the way close to $150,000 worth of grants were given out to children and schools including digital devices, sports gear, musical instruments and special play equipment for children with disabilities.

Watch the 25th Anniversary Variety Trillian Bash film!



Who Can Enter the Variety Trillian Bash?

Anyone can enter the Variety Bash, and many entrants come back year after year moved by the powerful impact of meeting the children who benefit from their fundraising. Bashers drive an eclectic range of vehicles (preferably pre-1970), many of which have been specially customised to reflect their team's personality. There are often ex-Bash vehicles available for sale. Please contact  bash@variety.org.nz if you are interested in taking part in the 2016 Variety Bash which is happening in March. 


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