We count ourselves lucky to have a group of dedicated Variety ambassadors. These people share the same values as Variety and are committed to helping us fulfil our mission of helping Kiwi kids to reach their full potential. They act as Variety spokespeople in the community and the media and are involved with Variety events throughout the year, helping to make them a great success. We thank these superstars for their unending support of Variety.

New Zealand Ambassadors

  • Constable Bryan Ward, QSM and Bobby 
  • Suzy Cato 
  • Liane Clarke 
  • Shane Cortese 
  • Hewitt Humphrey, QSM, JP 
  • Jayne Kiely 
  • Elizabeth Marvelly 
  • Karen Olsen 
  • Antonia Prebble 
  • Johnson Raela 
  • Toni Street
  • Hilary Timmins 
  • Bronwyn Turei
  • Mark Wright 

Youth Ambassadors

Variety's Youth Ambassadors are seven inspiring young people from throughout New Zealand who will raise awareness, funds and hope for disadvantaged Kiwi kids. All are past and current scholarship recipients of Variety - The Children's Charity.  

  • Jessica Williams
  • Mary Fisher
  • Rebecca Dubber
  • Matthew Roets
  • Aine Kelly-Costello
  • Jess Smith
  • Phoebe Jasper

Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie. Variety provided a $1000 grant so his family could purchase a Vitamix blender for his meals. Charlie was born with a condition called tracheal-esophageal atresia which... Read more