What happens when my child is matched to a sponsor?

When your child is matched to a sponsor, you will receive an email from us informing you that your child has been matched, who the sponsor is (first name only) and how much the sponsorship amount will be.

How do I check the balance on my child’s account?

To know how much funding is available on your child's account, you may do ANY of the following: 1) Check with your child's Variety champion at school. This would be the person at the school office who submits school invoices to us on your child's behalf. 2) Log-in to Variety portal.3) Email us at kiwikids@variety.org.nz asking for the information, and with your child's name and child ID (e.g. C123456) in the subject line.

How do I spend Kiwi Kid Sponsorship funds for my child?

Upon availability of the sponsorship funding, we will send a Warehouse purchase order addressed to the child's caregiver. This voucher can be used to purchase the child's basic essentials such as clothing, shoes and bedding upon presentation of an ID by the caregiver at the Warehouse. Also, you or your child's school can send us an invoice for sport or camp fees, uniform or stationery that we can process for payment.

Is there a total value of what I can claim on Warehouse purchase orders and can I use it more than once?

You can claim as little or as much of your sponsorship funds as you wish on a Warehouse purchase order but it can only be used once and in the same shop.

Can I use a Warehouse purchase order partially and use the remaining amount at another time?

The amount on the Warehouse purchase order must be used up all at once and in the same shop, e.g., if you receive a purchase order for $120, it must be used up one-time and in one store. If you wish to request a smaller value on your Warehouse purchase order please contact Variety at kiwikids@variety.org.nz or 09 520 4111.

Can I use the Warehouse purchase order to buy other things (e.g. toiletries, crafts to complete assignments, food)?

Your Kiwi Kid Sponsorship funds can only be used for basic essentials such as school uniform, shoes, bedding, stationery, sport fees, school camp fees, and other school-related costs.

Who do I send invoices to if the school does not have a school champion?

If your school has no Variety champion, please send your invoices to kiwikids@variety.org.nz. Be sure to include your child's full details such as their name and if you have it, the child ID (e.g. C123456) as well.

How can I process the renewal online?

We encourage you to submit your renewals online, as this enables faster processing. To do so, you will need to download and print the renewal documents from the Variety portal. You may ask your school champion to do this for you, or login to the Variety portal and download them yourself. Once you have completed them, please scan and attach them to an email and send to kiwikids@variety.org.nz. You may also post them to us at Variety - the Children's Charity, PO Box 17276, Greenlane

I need a new 'About Me' form for my renewal, where can I find it?

You can download a blank About Me form here

Be sure to include your child's full details such as their name and if you have it, the child ID (e.g. C123456) as well.

Can I use my Kiwi Kid Sponsorship funding to purchase a digital device?

As of the 1 June 2020 you may use a maximum of $200 of your KKS funds towards a digital learning device which is about 50% of the cost of the chromebook model recommended by many schools. You may opt for a more expensive device but you will need to meet the difference in cost yourself.

What happens to my child’s funds if I have not spent it within a year?

The good thing about your Kiwi Kid Sponsorship funding is that any unused amount upon the next renewal rolls over and continues to be available for your child. The funds only expire when the programme ends upon your child reaching 18 years of age, or if your circumstances change and you no longer need support from Variety.

Will my child receive a Birthday gift and Christmas gift from Variety?

Sponsors are given the opportunity to contribute a gift for the child they sponsor, each birthday and at Christmas. Just like anyone else, a sponsor's ability to give a gift, and how much they can afford to give, varies from one person to another.

My child will be starting school next year, when should I apply to Kiwi Kid Sponsorship for help with school uniform, shoes and stationery?

Children are eligible to apply for KKS from 4 years of age. You should apply as soon as your child turns 4 to allow some waiting period to be matched to a sponsor. This way, you are able to access the funding for uniform and stationery right before they start school.

What happens to my child's Kiwi Kid Sponsorship when they turn 18?

Your child's KKS will end at their next renewal date after their 18th birthday.

My child’s care arrangements or address has changed, do I need to inform Variety?

Yes, it is important that you inform Variety of any change in the address or circumstances of the child. This way, any correspondence such as renewal forms, Warehouse purchase orders, and letters will find their way to you. Please advise your school champion or contact us at kiwikids@variety.org.nz or 09 5204111.

I'm not sure if I should apply for Kiwi Kid Sponsorship or an Individual Grant, what should I do?

Kiwi Kid Sponsorship provides on-going support or funding for a child's basic essentials, renewed each year; while an Individual Grant is a one-off funding assistance for a child's specific or extra need such as mobility equipment, therapy, learning resources, or extra-curricular costs. Please have a look at the criteria and requirements for KKS and the Individual Grant here. If you are still unsure, please contact Variety at kiwikids@variety.org.nz or 09 520 4111. We are happy to discuss the options with you and provide advice.

What do Individual Grants cover?

Individual Grants provide one off funding support to assist your child with clothing, shoes, school uniform or school camp, a digital device for learning, beds and cots, medical and mobility needs, or extra-curricular costs such as sports, performing arts, and academic pursuits. Individual Grants are available from $200- $2,000 with the average grant amount awarded $500.

As a Parent/Caregiver do I need to apply for an Individual Grant through my School Champion?

Your Variety champion at school may be able to assist you in submitting a grant application and getting the documents you require. If you can’t get in touch with your Variety champion or your child’s school does not have one, you can submit an application directly to us by logging into our portal

Can I apply for a digital device?

If your child needs a digital device for learning you can apply for Kiwi Kid Sponsorship which as of 1 June 2020 allows up to $200 to be used on a device. Alternatively, you can apply for an Individual Grant online here. Individual Grant Applications are reviewed quarterly in February, May, August and November by the Grants Committee. You will be notified of the result of your grant application at the end of the nearest grant month e.g. if applying in September, you will find out if your applications in approved by the end of November.

What kind of digital devices does Variety fund?

Variety funds Chromebooks through our partnership with Noel Leeming. Variety does not fund iPad’s or MacBook unless there is a diagnosed learning disability with a supporting letter from a referrer (e.g. special education advisor) that states such a device is required due to specialist software.

How can I nominate a child to the Bikes for Kids Programme?

The Bikes for Kids programme runs several times per year but is dependent on the donations we receive and the areas in which the donations are made. A handful of primary schools within the chosen locations are then invited to nominate children who meet a list of criteria to receive a new bike and helmet. The nomination criteria can be found here. If you are interested in your child being nominated for this programme, please let your school Variety champion know. This will allow them to keep an eye out for any upcoming bike presentations that may be held in your area.

When I apply for Variety programmes, is my information confidential?

Yes, Variety has strict systems and protocols in place to ensure that you and the child's information is protected and kept confidential. In the application, we also ask the child’s caregiver to acknowledge their part in protecting their child's information, e.g. keeping social media accounts private, throughout the duration of the programme.