Dear Member of Parliament

We, the undersigned, call on you to enact the Child Poverty Reduction Bill to give successive governments of all parties a tool to focus policy decisions that will tackle New Zealand’s unacceptably high rate of child poverty.

We believe the requirement to set targets and report results will increase this and future governments’ accountability and ensure the allocation of appropriate resourcing to affect change.

On the 4th of April, 2018 we sent a letter to the MP for each electorate with the names of everyone who supported our message.

Thank you to all who contributed!

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Only strong public and political support for the Child Poverty Reduction Bill will ensure it achieves its goal of reducing child poverty.

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About the Child Poverty Reduction Bill

Growing up in poverty harms children in both the short and long term. It also directly harms the economy and society.

The number of children living in poverty in New Zealand is extremely high. The most common measure used internationally suggests more than a quarter (27%) of Kiwi children are living in poverty - one of the highest rates in the developed world. By the same measure, the proportion of people aged over 65 years living in income poverty in New Zealand is six per cent, one of the lowest rates in the developed world.

The Child Poverty Reduction Bill commits this and future governments to measure, set targets, have a plan and publicly report progress against the plan to reduce child poverty.

The Bill has four major elements. It requires this, and subsequent governments to:

  1. Measure child poverty against 10 measures
  2. Set targets
  3. Publicly report on progress against the targets
  4. Have a Child Wellbeing Strategy that describes how the Government will reduce child poverty and its effects.

The bill is based on work done in 2012 by an Expert Advisory Group on Solutions to Child Poverty was led by Jonathan Boston and Tracey MacIntosh, and Jacinda Ardern’s original Member’s bill.

Read about the bill on the NZ Parliament website | Read a Newsroom article by Jonathan Boston*

*Jonathan was co-chair of the Expert Advisory Group in 2012-13 and assisted government officials in drafting the Child Poverty Reduction Bill.

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