Help us give 417 Kiwi kids a bed to call their own.



We need your help to provide proper beds and warm bedding for 417 disadvantaged Kiwi kids who are sleeping on the floor or bed-sharing this winter.

Your gift today will help children like four-year-old Patrick*.

From an early age Patrick had suffered respiratory problems that made him unwell and were the cause of many trips to the doctor. When he came to stay with his grandmother Annie last year, he brought with him the asthma and allergies that had seen him hospitalised every year of his young life.

But since he received a Healthy Homes makeover (see below) and a bed from Variety, he hasn’t been admitted to hospital at all.

“It's amazing for Patrick, who is a great little character ... such a clever boy, we are just so grateful and quite overwhelmed.” said Annie.

*Annie and Patrick’s names have been changed to protect their identities.

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will fund a warm blanket.


will fund a bedding pack (duvet inner, sheets, duvet cover, pillow set, pillow).


will fund a single bed (includes mattress, mattress protector and bedding pack).


will fund bunks beds (includes mattresses, mattress protectors and bedding packs).

Thank you for making a difference. Your gift of a bed or warm bedding will help to keep vulnerable children like Patrick out of hospital this winter.

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Your gift will help the children most in need.

In order to identify the children most in need, Variety has teamed up with Healthy Homes Initiative providers around New Zealand.

Nik’s team helps low-income families in the Bay of Plenty make their homes dry and warm.

“Many families we visit are living in cold, damp conditions that lead to illness, respiratory concerns, hospitalisation and a miserable environment,” Nik explains.

"Exacerbating these already poor living conditions, our families are struggling with enough beds and bedding – sleeping on mattresses on the floor, sleeping on couches, and sharing beds. Without their own bed, children are easily sharing germs, bacteria and viruses while sleeping."

The cornerstone of the team’s Healthy Homes activity is to enable children to have their own ‘sleeping space’.

This is critical in slowing the spread of germs such as strep throat. Children bed-sharing or without their own sleeping space, are sharing germs, bacteria and viruses while sleeping.

“If we can help the home be warm enough to use all the bedrooms, help the home be large enough to accommodate the full family and importantly, help each child to have their own bed, this will have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable families.” 

The difference a bed can make

“‘For a child, having their own bed is not only healthy,” says Healthy Homes provider Nik Gregg, “but also it can give them a sense of safe space, of comfort and warmth, and most of all, a good night’s sleep – which is vital to physical and mental growth.”

“The pleasure and delight we see on the face of a young child when they receive their own blanket says it all: ‘It’s mine, I can cuddle it, it will keep me warm, I can sleep with it’.

The sense of ‘bed ownership’ is equally strong. They think, ‘this is my space’, ‘my home within a home’.”

Nik’s team visit around 500 homes each year, all with vulnerable young children under five, many of whom are regular visitors to hospital.

“A large portion of these homes have bedding issues – not enough beds, poor beds, not enough space, just mattresses, poor blankets, not enough blankets. We currently have a waiting list for 30 to 40 beds for the most critical needs.”

Your gift to the Variety Warm Hearts winter appeal this winter will help fund beds and bedding for 417 children in ‘critical needs’ homes all around New Zealand.

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Over one in ten children in our poorest communities don’t have their own bed.

Child Poverty Monitor 2018

Children in our most disadvantaged communities are three times more likely to end up in hospital for respiratory problems than those living in our most advantaged communities.

Child Poverty Monitor 2019

Thank you for your support.

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For our winter appeal, Variety is partnering with the Healthy Homes Initiatives, who work with families to provide education and access to interventions which will create warm, dry and uncrowded homes. We’ll focus on providing new beds and bedding to children in urgent need.

Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration.