Conor's story

Five-year-old Conor is starting at a different school from his older sister this year because, that way, his mum won’t have to buy him a uniform.

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Conor’s big sister, Breanna, has some learning difficulties and is doing well at her school. But unfortunately, because the uniform is over $500, Conor is not able to join her there. 

Although Conor’s mum will save on his uniform, she will still be facing a big bill for the start of the school year.

Conor dreams of being a lifeguard. The problem is that he can’t swim. Luckily, Conor is on the waiting list for Kiwi Kid Sponsorship. When we can find a sponsor for him, he’ll have the opportunity learn to swim – and best of all, join in with his friends at school. 

The new school year is a rough time for families like Conor’s living in poverty, as costs for school stationery, uniform and trips roll in.

For the child, this can mean starting school more than a month after their peers. They miss out on team building and orientation activities that take place at the start of the year, and might have trouble developing new friendships because they feel like they look different. Often what they are wearing does not fit – it is too large or far too tight. This has a huge effect on the child’s self-esteem and this feeling can last throughout the school year – ultimately affecting their learning. 

This isn’t fair. With your help, Kiwi kids living in deprivation will have access to the school items that they need to learn and join their classmates at the beginning of the year.

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