Help make dreams come
true for disadvantaged
Kiwi kids like Hope

Help make dreams come true for disadvantaged Kiwi kids like Hope

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Hope's dream was to be one of the team

At Christmas, children all around New Zealand dream of a present under the tree with their name on it.

Children like Hope – whose families struggle to put food on the table and a roof over their heads – dream all year long for what other kids take for granted.

That dream can be as simple as going on school camp, choosing one piece of clothing that is really theirs.

Or having a school uniform that actually fits.

Hope’s dream was to be able to run around for as long as her friends did in PE. The 12-year-old always gave physical activities her absolute best try, but all too often severe asthma left her sitting on the sidelines.

Then earlier this year, a doctor suggested that swimming might make a difference. Her mother, Moana (pictured with Hope), jumped at the chance to see her girl breathing more easily. The problem was Hope couldn’t swim – and Moana couldn’t afford to pay for her daughter to learn.

Thanks to someone like you, Hope soon got the help from Variety she needed: $185 to pay for lessons at her local swimming club. The transformation was remarkable. Hope’s lung capacity and breathing started to improve immediately. Before long, she was participating in rigorous PE and sports activities. “Hope is part of the team now, and she’s more confident,” said Moana.

There was another, unexpected outcome. Moana explains: “Although we started Hope swimming for therapy, she’s showing real talent at the sport! It took everyone by surprise. I couldn’t believe it when she was moved up a [swimming] group recently.”

We have ambitious plans to make wishes come true for many more disadvantaged Kiwi kids over the summer months and throughout 2018 - but we're desperately short on funds to reach our goals.

With your help, we can continue to give the children most in need access to the same opportunities as other kids, and a happier, healthier childhood.

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Your donation today could help a child realise their dream.

$10 could buy a kid a new backpack for school

$25 could buy a boy or girl a pair of lace-up shoes for winter

$55 could help pay for a child to go on school camp

$80 could pay for swimming lessons for a month

$100 could make sure a kid can have new stationery for when school starts

$150 could pay for four piano or guitar lessons

$170 could pay for dance or drama tuition for a whole term

$200 could buy a young child their first bike

$260 could fund a child to play Saturday rugby or netball for a season

$350 could buy a school uniform for a teenager

$400 could buy an iPad or laptop for a child to do their homework on

$5,000 could fund a Gold Heart Scholarship to help a talented young Kiwi kid pursue a dream in the arts, sport or education

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