Give a Kiwi
kid a chance
to shine

For many Kiwi kids living in financial hardship, the chance to do anything extra – like play a favourite sport, join in on swimming lessons or develop a special talent – is out of reach.

Your kind donation will help give a local child going without, the opportunity to feel included and follow their dream.

Your support could help a young person like Verity (pictured right) overcome personal challenges and develop her special gift.

Verity is a born performer whose spellbinding voice is bound to take her places.

This year, donations from kind Variety supporters funded a scholarship to help her realise her dream of becoming a performer. It paid for private singing lessons for Verity, including travel to those lessons, a 30-minute drive from home.

The support means the world to her:

“My scholarship will help me get vocal coaching and I am so grateful. For as long as I can remember I have felt at home on the stage. I am lucky to have a really supportive mum who has helped me follow my passion, despite some obstacles thrown our way.

“I have a chronic health condition and as a family we went through domestic violence some years ago.

“Charities like Variety really make a difference in our lives because, like many other kiwi families, we don’t have money left over every week after paying for the basics of life like food and bills.

“I can’t promise I will make my goal of becoming a world-famous singer, but I can promise this, I WILL always give back and remember where I come from. It is a privilege to be a part of the Variety family and I hope I can help spread the word so many more kids like me can be helped.”

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Your donation could help give a sports-loving kid like Windsor the opportunity to learn a new skill.

“Windsor has sporting talent across a number of codes but Waka Ama is his favourite”. Windsor’s mum, Lorene

The 14-year-old has been competing since he was seven, and his natural talent has been recognised by family and coaches alike.

Last year, he was invited to learn to steer for his school Waka Ama team at an upcoming national secondary schools’ regatta. Lorene had no doubt her son could rise to the challenge, but her heart sank when she started adding up the costs. For a start, if he was to learn to steer, he would need his own steering blade. They were expensive. Then there would be travel costs and fees.

Thanks to donations from supporters like you, Windsor was able to buy his steering blade and pay for club membership, race and affiliation fees, a uniform and travel costs.

“With the support of Variety and getting my own steering blade I was able to steer a school team at the National Secondary Schools’ Waka Ama Sprints in Rotorua this year.”

Lorene was overjoyed at the difference the opportunity to learn the steering role made to Windsor, on and off the waka: “I was able to watch his confidence grow and grow as he developed his new skill. Thank you so much!”

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How will the money raised be used?

Funds raised will help fund Have a Go and Gold Heart Scholarships for Kiwi kids living in financial hardship.

Gold Heart Scholarships
Each year Variety helps around 20 talented Kiwi kids to reach their full potential and overcome personal challenges with a Variety Gold Heart Scholarship. This support (up to $5,000) is available for up to three years to help children who are physically or financially challenged fulfil their dreams. This could include assisting with tuition fees, personal development, coaching, and the purchase of training equipment, travel or accommodation. These young people, who already excel in the arts, sports or education, are (where possible) matched with a mentor to help them achieve their life goals.

Have a Go Scholarships
It is a sad reality that for many New Zealand youth who live in families who struggle to put food on the table and a roof over their heads, the chance to do anything extra like play a sport, take swimming lessons or learn a musical instrument is an impossible dream. Variety Have a Go Scholarships provide disadvantaged young people with the chance to participate in extra-curricular activities, with funding up to $500.


What you give this Christmas could help another Kiwi kid like Windsor build confidence, improve his skills and develop lasting friendships. It could help a talented young person like Verity overcome personal challenges and reach her full potential.

Thank you for any help you can give.