Day 3: I got my own school uniform!

Thanks to our generous supporters, Variety gave nearly 600 disadvantaged Kiwi kids their very own school uniforms in 2017. Read more

At Variety we believe that all children deserve the same opportunities. All kids ought to be able to go out and play a sport they love. Or play an instrument. We want to see children growing up healthy, and happy, and as ambitious as their dreams allow.

For some children we support, that dream can be as simple as being able to go on school camp. Being able to choose one piece of clothing that is really theirs. Or having a school uniform that actually fits.

We may not think of a school uniform as an opportunity, but it is. It's an opportunity to fit in, to gain confidence. To move from sitting at the back of the class to the front.

A message from 11-year old Joseph

"Thank you so much for my school uniform, new school shoes and especially my warm clothes for winter.

I feel so happy when I go to school now because all my class don't tease me anymore. I want to give you a big hug and I hope God bless you every day for being so kind to me."