Day 4: I got sponsored!

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The difference you can make as a sponsor

For as little as $45 each month, Kiwi Kid Sponsorship connects you with an individual child to provide them with essentials and opportunities they would otherwise go without. It might be basic clothing, shoes, stationery for school, warm bedding, medicine or an extra-curricular activity that helps them feel included.

Sponsorship has transformed eight-year-old Dayton's life this year, as his mother explains in this heartfelt letter.

Dear Sponsor...

Thank you so much for your financial assistance. Dayton has been attending drum lessons which he really enjoys, and has a lot of skills in. His teacher is really impressed with this ability and love seeing him each week to push him a bit further.

Dayton has been diagnosed with ADHD and autism, which means he sees life differently to most people. Being able to create music, especially one using an instrument as complicated as the drums, has helped him exercise his brain. Your sponsorship has allowed him to have one-on-one drum lessons.

As Dayton's school is new they haven't been able to establish a second hand uniform shop, so your sponsorship has allowed me to buy Dayton a new set of polo shirts and polar fleece, as he has grown quite a bit since receiving his initial uniform.

He's also had an upgrade to his closet, to go with the growth spurt. His long pants now look like long pants, instead of long shorts! ... Thank you again, your help has been invaluable in allowing Dayton and I to have so much less stress this year financially. And allowing Dayton to get into drums has helped him immensely.

Dayton's Mum


Fantastic results from our research

Earlier this year, we conducted our first programme impact review of Kiwi Kid Sponsorship. The results were overwhelming. 529 children and their caregivers spoke frankly and anonymously about how sponsorship has created positive change in their lives.

With your help, the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme has a significant impact on the lives of children and families it supports

Survey responses overwhelmingly confirmed that the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme created life-changing outcomes for families and kids. The impact on the programme participants has been significant across the areas of social inclusion, education, family dynamics and health. Parents see support from the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme critical to be able to provide their children with the opportunities they need to thrive.


of children over 10 feel like their health is better because of Kiwi Kid Sponsorship


of children feel more included because of Kiwi Kid Sponsorship


of children are doing better at school because of Kiwi Kid Sponsorship


of families feel less stressed because of Kiwi Kid Sponsorship

Social inclusion outcomes were experienced most frequently

Family dynamics outcomes were also very common. Almost all children reported being more socially included and experiencing better family relationships as a result of sponsorship.

The programme has a significant impact on parents

In turn, this impacts the wellbeing of children. Children are acutely aware of the financial pressures their parents or caregivers face, and they also experience relief when some of these pressures are alleviated.

The Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme is a unique offering

Based on the feedback from parents and caregivers, it appears that the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme fills a unique gap in the sector by providing practical support to families that they cannot access anywhere else.

A sponsor provides an individual New Zealand child living in poverty with essentials for home and school.

Become a sponsor this Christmas and change one Kiwi kid's life for good.