Day 5: I did my homework on my new tablet!

This year, through our Laptops for Learning programme, we have presented 70 laptops to children in low-decile schools across New Zealand. Read more

Sadly, many disadvantaged and disabled children don't have access to IT devices outside of school hours. With donations from caring individuals like you, and the support of our Principal Partner, The Warehouse, we're changing that child by child.

The impact of our Laptops for Learning programme is such that children can keep up with an increasingly digital curriculum and even take the devices home to continue learning with their families.

Meet Ana

Ana has Goldenhar Syndrome. This has caused multiple disabilities, including being born with one ear. She has severe hearing difficulties and communicates using New Zealand sign language.

Read Ana's story

Meet Jade

She's a happy and outgoing teenager who loves music. Jade was diagnosed with multiple disabilities from birth, including Fryns-Aftimos syndrome and vision and hearing impairments.

Read Jade's story

Meet Kelvin

8-year-old Kelvin received an iPad to be able to continue his school work while he recovered from a hip operation relating to his condition, cerebral palsy.

Kelvin said: "My teacher sent me my schoolwork so I can do it at the same time as my class."

Kelvin's mum, Bindu, said: "Thank you for this precious gift which keeps Kelvin connected and progressing."

Each year, with your help, we provide iPads, HP Notebooks and Chromebooks to students at low decile primary schools and children with disabilities. They can use their device as part of their in-class learning, then take it home for further studies.

The Laptops for Learning programme makes a tangible difference to New Zealand families in need by enhancing a child's chance of educational success through the use of technology.

"You don’t know what this means to us and our children, being a low decile school we struggle to get funding and to have something like this is just amazing."

Joanne How, Roslyn School principal

"Our principal, John Murdoch, was prepared to jump over the moon when he heard the news... this year we scrimped and cut the budget several ways to enable us to get some tablets for student use.  Your offer to donate could not have come at a better time!"

Patrick Harlow, HOD Computing, Taita College