Christmas overconsumption – and we’re not talking about the food – can be at odds with our values of caring for the environment and people around us.

We've come up with a list of 20 gift ideas that take the emphasis off plastic gadgets destined for landfill and focus on more meaningful gifts of time, thought and care.

1. Cookies or bliss balls in a jar

Another great idea is to fill the jar with mixed up ingredients (just the dry ones!)


2. A personalised gift voucher

Your voucher could be for cat-feeding, dog-walking, lawn-mowing, baby-sitting or anything else that might give that special someone a much-deserved rest!

3. Get creative for kids

Try making your own playdough or bubbles!

4. A contribution to Variety’s Christmas Appeal

Help make dreams come true for disadvantaged Kiwi kids this Christmas, and in 2018. Read more.

5. Make some freezable meals for a busy family

Dishes that freeze well include stews, chillis, curries and soups.

Not much of a cook? You could give a voucher for a meal service like My Food Bag.