Too many Kiwi kids are facing winter without proper beds or cosy bedding.

Will you please make a life-changing gift today?

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Right now, Variety needs your help to provide proper beds and cosy bedding for hundreds of Kiwi kids who are sleeping on the floor or bed-sharing this winter.

In some kids’ rooms, an old mattress is all they have to sleep on. For some, there isn’t even that. These children are at higher risk of winter illnesses, and they’re missing out on the sleep they need to learn at school.

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will fund a bedding pack for an infant


will fund a bedding pack for a child


will provide a child with their very own bed and new bedding

Bedding packs can consist of mattress, mattress protector, sheets set, blankets, duvet, duvet cover

A life-changing gift for David*

In 2018, caring Kiwis like you helped us give new beds to 58 children who were either sleeping on the floor, on chairs or couches, or bed-sharing due to over-crowding. David was one of those children. Previously having to sleep on the floor, or share a bed with his brothers and sisters, the 11-year-old would routinely suffer from asthma and bronchiolitis. Last winter however, “he didn’t even get sick”, said his grateful mum.

“It was like a miracle had happened. I think his bed helped, as well as his brand new sheets and pillow. When he got them he loved it – he asked if we’d won Lotto.”

*We've changed David's name to protect the family's privacy.

Thank you for making a difference. Your gift today will help to bring joy and warmth to many more disadvantaged Kiwi kids this winter.

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Your gift will provide beds, bedding and other assistance to children wherever your help is most needed.


More than 1 in 10 children in our poorest communities don’t have their own bed.

They're sharing a bed with others or sleeping on the floor.