Kids in the cold
need warm hearts like yours

Kids in the cold need warm hearts like yours

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Variety Warm Hearts appeal

Please help save vulnerable Kiwi kids from silently suffering through another cold, harsh winter.

We have over 400 New Zealand children on our emergency waiting list for vital winter essentials today:

They urgently need warm clothing, proper beds, bedding and help with medical costs.

Many of the children are sharing a bed with siblings, or they sleep on a chair or the floor. They walk to school in the rain, without a waterproof jacket. Their shoes have holes in them, or don’t fit properly. When a child gets sick, they may not go to the doctor, or get the medicine they need, because the family can’t afford the transport or prescription costs.

And it’s right now, during the coldest months, when they are most vulnerable to illness.

Will you give today? Your donation, no matter how small or large, will make a life-changing difference for a child in need.

See what your donation could buy a kid going cold this winter.

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Tai and his siblings need their own beds

Tai's bed

Tai (pictured), age 10, sleeps on this fold-out bed in the lounge with three of his siblings.

The family lives in a cold, damp house. "It's in pretty bad condition," says their mum, Kelly.

"There are holes in the floorboards and we keep getting mould around the windows. On cold winter nights, we all sleep together in the lounge to stay warm ... Tai gets bad asthma. He's usually the one who gets the flu first. When he gets it, they all get it."

The children who are sharing the fold-out bed all have poor sleep quality. Kelly says they fight each other all night for space and wake up tired and grumpy. One of Tai's older brothers has his own room, but recently Kelly discovered that mice had been making nests in his mattress. She had to throw it out.

Kelly feels terrible that she can't provide proper beds and bedding for her children. "I feel so sorry for them." She's clever at making her limited budget go further, but it won't stretch to beds. Kelly also struggles to provide basic essentials such as school shoes and uniforms. But beds are the family's most desperate need. They would make such a difference.

For Tai it's very simple: "I would like to have my own bed one day so I can get a good sleep and stretch out in my own space and wake up feeling happy."

For Kelly, new bunk beds and bedding will mean all four children will "wake up in a better mood for school."

A community agency Variety works with is helping the family with their housing difficulties, but only you and other kind people like you can provide urgently needed winter clothes, beds and bedding for Tai, his siblings, and other Kiwi kids living in deprivation.

Please, will you help us make a difference for Tai and children like him?

Your gift will be used to provide winter essentials and other assistance to children wherever our help is most needed.


Children in our most disadvantaged communities are...

3 times more likely to end up in hospital for common respiratory and infectious conditions like asthma and eczema.

18 times more likely to miss out on a GP visit when they are unwell due to lack of transport.

3 times more likely to miss out on getting prescription medicine due to cost.