No child deserves
to go cold

No child deserves to go cold

No child deserves to go cold this winter. 

Right now, far too many disadvantaged Kiwi kids are facing a harsh winter.

They’re going without basics they urgently need – like bedding, warm clothing, closed-in shoes and doctor’s visits. Too many go to bed cold – and go to school cold. When it’s too cold to sleep, even with the family huddled together in one room, children can’t focus at school. When their one school uniform gets wet, it often can’t be dried before the next day. 

Children living in deprivation are more likely to get sick, and three times more likely to end up in hospital for common respiratory and infectious conditions. 

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In the Canterbury house where Emily, aged seven, lives with her two siblings, winter is a dangerous time.

The wind whistles in through the doors, which don’t close properly because the floor is on an angle – the result of damage from the 2010 Christchurch earthquake – and last year Emily’s mother Angela took her to the hospital twice for asthma.

Emily desperately needs warm clothing, flannelette pyjamas and thermal underwear to keep her cosy and well – and away from the hospital. 

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We need your help to provide winter essentials for kids going without 

$8 can buy three pairs of warm socks.
$10 can buy flannelette pyjamas to keep a child like Emily cosy at night. 
$15 can buy a wool beanie for icy mornings.
$24 can buy polar fleece blankets for four kids sleeping cold.
$57 can buy lace-up shoes for a boy used to walking to school in jandals.
$89 can buy a child their first waterproof jacket.
$205 can buy a winter school uniform for a teenage girl.

So that we can help as many families as possible, please donate by 30 June

Over 415 children are on our waiting list for help   Donate now

Many are living in cold damp houses. They may be sharing a bed with siblings. They have few or no blankets.

They walk to school in the rain, without a waterproof jacket – sometimes wearing only jandals, shorts and a flimsy top.

They go to sleep cold, and go to school cold. (When their one school uniform gets wet, it often can’t be dried before the next day.)

When they get sick, they don’t go to the doctor, because the family can’t afford the transport or prescription costs.

When children go without basic things they see other children having, like closed-in shoes and a winter school uniform, they know they don’t fit in. It leaves them feeling stigmatised and left out.

Donate now to make a real difference in the lives of Kiwi kids in need this winter by giving them access to basics like warm clothing, bedding and medical care.

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