Charity partnerships are a proven and highly-effective marketing tool, helping you meet your corporate social responsibility aims while making a tangible difference in the lives of children in need. This support is invaluable for helping Variety give Kiwi kids in need the childhood they deserve. 

What are the benefits of a corporate partnership with Variety?

  • Help fulfil your corporate social responsibility strategy by supporting Kiwi kids living in deprivation
  • Alignment with a well-known and trusted New Zealand charity that is part of a global organisation operating in 13 countries 
  • Strengthening employee relationships and boosting staff morale by providing staff engagement opportunities
  • High visibility though alignment with a cause that has synergy with your business
  • Direct access to target audiences
  • Networking with the many business, community leaders and celebrity ambassadors who support Variety

What we offer:

  • Hands on engagement opportunities for your team
  • Presentations to staff
  • Various support options for Variety’s events and programmes
  • Fundraising support for campaigns and marketing initiatives
  • Opportunity to develop fantastic synergy with Variety’s core values and mission

If you are interested in how a corporate partnership with Variety can help you meet your organisation’s goals and objectives, please contact:

Dominic Boekweit
Corporate Partnerships Manager
027 676 8736