Each year Variety provides hundreds of deserving or disadvantaged children with the freedom and independence of owning their very own bike through our Bikes for Kids programme. 

Some children have overcome adverse circumstances, in some situations the family is simply not in a position to purchase a bike and in other cases the programme recognises and rewards children who are role models at their school or in their community.

This recognition not only benefits the child concerned, but provides an incentive for their peers to follow in their footsteps and become good school and community citizens.

Upcoming presentations

The are currently no presentations scheduled. Please check back at a later date. 

Find out how to nominate a child for a bike

Meet some Kiwi kids who have received a new bike from Variety

See just how special these Kiwi kids felt after receiving their very own bike and helmet...

Help Buy a Kiwi Kid a Bike

For $250 you can provide a Kiwi kid with their very own bike and helmet. Click here to make a donation to Variety's Bikes for Kids programme.

Variety would like to thank its Bikes for Kids sponsors, without whom, this programme simply wouldn't be possible.



Meet Elijah

Meet Elijah. Last week Elijah was presented with a brand new bike on the Variety Bikes for Kids tour in Northland. His mum said: “He has gone to sleep in the lounge tonight so he could sleep beside... Read more