Variety fills the funding gaps to help Kiwi kids reach their full potential. 

We are there for children in all sorts of challenging circumstances. We fund a broad range of requirements, from much-needed medical equipment, life-changing mobility needs, to providing basic essentials for Kiwi kids in need and innovative educational initiatives. 

Our specialised grants meet a wide range of grass-roots needs for children aged 0-18 years and also offer support to organisations that assist children.



Click here to find our grant application forms or apply online. 

If you would like to discuss whether you qualify for Variety assistance please email our team at or phone 09 520 4111.

Meet some of the Kiwi kids who have been helped through a Variety grant.

Meet Jade

Meet Jade. She's a happy and outgoing 17 year old who loves music. Jade was diagnosed with multiple disabilities from birth including Fryns-Aftimos syndrome and vision and hearing impairments... Read more