In 2017 we partnered with Social Ventures Australia to conduct our first programme impact review of Kiwi Kid Sponsorship. The results were overwhelming. 529 children and their caregivers spoke frankly and anonymously about how sponsorship has created positive change in their lives.

Thanks to your help, the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme has a significant impact on the lives of children and families it supports.

Survey responses overwhelmingly confirmed that the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme creates life-changing outcomes for families and kids.

The impact on sponsored children and their families has been significant across the areas of social inclusion, education, family dynamics and health. Parents see support from the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme as critical to being able to provide their children with the opportunities they need to thrive.

Because of Kiwi Kid Sponsorship...


of children over 10 feel like their health is better


of children feel more included


of children are doing better at school


of families feel less stressed

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