The Variety Laptops for Learning programme provides laptops to low-decile schools across New Zealand.

For today’s students, access to technology is vital for high-quality learning opportunities and future growth and development. However, the reality is that many young people do not have access to IT devices in their homes. Due to the expense, very few schools are able to make digital devices available to students to take home to further their studies outside school hours.

Laptops for Learning enables young people to use a digital device as part of their in-class learning, and to be able to take it home when required. This provides students with access to the information they need to support their learning across the curriculum.

Learn about how Laptops for Learning is helping Kiwi kids to succeed at school 

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There are many other schools that need our help. To help bridge the digital divide and donate towards Variety’s Laptops for Learning programme, click here.

Huge thanks to The Warehouse for partnering with Variety so we can deliver the Laptops for Learning programme. We are working together to address the digital divide and create learning opportunities for our Kiwi kids that lead to better life pathways.


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