It is a sad reality that many New Zealand youth live in families who struggle to put food on the table and a roof over their heads, so the chance to do anything extra like play rugby, or learn the guitar is an impossible dream. Variety Have a Go Scholarships provide young people with the chance to participate in extra-curricular activities. 

These experiences help children to build confidence, learn new skills and develop lasting friendships. We'd love all Kiwi kids to have access to these opportunities.

Variety Have a Go Scholarships provide up to $500 to enable Kiwi kids to ‘have a go’ at an extra-curricular activity. Funds awarded may be used for:

  • Sports fees, registration, and gear
  • Getting to training, tournaments etc.
  • Music lessons and equipment
  • Drama/dance tuition
  • Extra tuition
  • Career trips
  • Cultural activities

To qualify, the child must be 10-18 years and in school. They don’t have to be sporting superstars or academic whizz kids – just Kiwi kids who are missing out.

For more information, please contact the Variety office on (09) 520 4111, or email

Alternatively, if you'd like to donate to our Have a Go Scholarship programme, you can do so, here


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