Monday, 10 Jul 2017
Ophelia Buckleton Reporter, NZ Herald   Miss Universe New Zealand opens up about tough childhood that led her to help Kiwi kids It's a bitter, wet winter's morning in South Auckland. Classrooms sit half empty as kids without raincoats,... more
Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017
Winter was a tough time for 7-year-old Eden. Although her mum, Deborah, budgets to get by on her very limited income, even basic essentials most of us take for granted are often out of reach. Deborah shops at second-hand stores, but has found it increasingly difficult to provide winter... more
Monday, 19 Jun 2017
Variety – the Children’s Charity is thrilled to be the charity partner of Miss Universe New Zealand once again this year. Variety has had a long-standing relationship with Miss Universe New Zealand and has been the charity partner of the competition since 2013. Since then, more... more
Wednesday, 14 Jun 2017
Order your new Entertainment Book and help Variety! A true Kiwi favourite, your 2017/18 Entertainment Book contains local deals on dining, entertainment, retail and more! There are books for Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Manawatu, Christchurch, Canterbury and Nelson,... more
Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017
On the 2nd of July 2017, tens of thousands of two-wheel enthusiasts around the world will lace up their boots, strap on their helmets and ride together in support of their chosen charities.  Ride Sunday is a worldwide motorcycle event which works to bring together all motorcyling... more
Friday, 09 Jun 2017
Last month, a beautiful-hearted community supporter raised over $6,800 for disadvantaged Kiwi kids on the promise of shaving her head. Gita Valabl said goodbye to her lovely locks one Sunday with the family gathered. She told Variety that her family and friends were incredibly generous with... more
Friday, 09 Jun 2017
Zara's letter to her sponsor Zara now has opportunities she dreamed of Zara is a typical 14-year-old; she loves her family and spending time with her friends. She works hard at school and likes to help in her community – doing dishes and helping with baking for the local food... more
Friday, 09 Jun 2017
Gift helps Ben keep up with his classmates Ben tried his best to join in with his class on writing and reading activities, but severe dyslexia held him back. When Ben reads he sees letters “jumping” into the words on the page, and this confuses him. As for writing, he could... more
Tuesday, 06 Jun 2017
Sarah Harris  Reporter, NZ Herald Glen Innes family 'living day by day' to survive From left: Hinerangi, 10, mum Sueanna, Precious, 8, and Aaliah, 9, are healthier and more secure after help by Variety. Photo / Nick Reed "We were... more
Sunday, 04 Jun 2017
A note sent from Mahinarangi's grateful mum to her Kiwi Kid Sponsor   Winter is the worst time of year for 12-year-old Mahinarangi because she has incredibly severe asthma. She's in hospital frequently for asthma attacks, and these visits increase as the temperature drops and... more
Friday, 26 May 2017
  In the Canterbury house where Emily, aged seven, and her two siblings live, winter is a dangerous time. Angela with (from left) Hayley, Emily and Sam The wind whistles in through the doors, which don’t close properly because the floor is on an angle – the result of... more
Thursday, 27 Apr 2017
Four-year-old Zac has suffered from serious eczema since he was nine months old. It not only makes him very itchy and uncomfortable, but it causes skin infections too.   The active, art-loving Kiwi lives with his two brothers and mum in the Bay of Plenty. Several times a day his mum, Emma,... more
Thursday, 20 Apr 2017
Jayden with his twin sisters, Ariana and Kaylee. Photo credit Robert Kitchin/Fairfax NZ Two years ago, 7-year-old Jayden found it hard to shake colds and sickness, especially in winter. He was prone to chest infections and was frequently in hospital. His twin sisters Kaylee and Ariana (8)... more
Thursday, 30 Mar 2017
For 8-year-old Precious, Kiwi Kid Sponsorship has made a world of difference. She had terrible eczema that made her itchy and damaged her skin. It was easily treatable but her mum, Sueanna, simply couldn’t afford the medication to make it better.  The doctors also recommended... more
Wednesday, 29 Mar 2017
April 7, 2017 Rachel Thomas Sarah's daughter, Destiny, is one of close to 500 Kiwi kids on a waiting list for sponsorship for basic needs. Robert Kitchin/Fairfax NZ Sarah's daughter, Destiny, is one of close to 500 Kiwi kids on a waiting list for sponsorship for basic... more
Wednesday, 29 Mar 2017
Over the past few months the team at NZ Retail Property Group have given a generous gift of $7,000 to help children of homeless families at a school in the Bay of Plenty. NZRPG runs Westgate, Milford, Highbury and Fraser Cove shopping centres and are committed to helping children in the communities... more
Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
Ana is 17 years old and has Goldenhar Syndrome. This has caused multiple disabilities, including being born with one ear. She has severe hearing difficulties and communicates using New Zealand sign language, she also wears a hearing aid. On advice from her teacher, Ana's mum applied to... more
Thursday, 23 Mar 2017
On Wednesday 22 March, The Spinoff published an article telling the story of Esther and her family.  Their house burnt down, along with nearly all of their possessions. They've had to move into a cold, damp home far away from the children's schools. This family are waiting for... more
Tuesday, 07 Mar 2017
March 6 2017 Emily Ford Family seeks support after being burgled 13 times in nine years This story was published in the Papakura Courier and by Stuff. Click here to read article on Teresa's spirit won't be broken despite being burgled at least once a year for... more
Friday, 24 Feb 2017
On Thursday 24 February, we headed along to Point England School to be at the opening ceremony of their new bike track. Thanks to our generous partner Dimension Data, we were able to give 50 brand new Avanti bikes and helmets to the school for the students to enjoy! After the ribbon was... more
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