07 Mar 2017
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March 6 2017
Emily Ford

Family seeks support after being burgled 13 times in nine years

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Teresa's spirit won't be broken despite being burgled at least once a year for the past decade. 

The foster mother from Takanini, south Auckland has been burgled thirteen times in the past nine years, the most recent being at the end of 2016.

Teresa, whose last name is undisclosed to respect her privacy, is a carer of five children - three are her grandchildren and two are in her permanent care.

Items like clothing, baby formula, washing baskets, toys, a Playstation and a lawn mower have been taken from her house but it's not enough to drive her away.

"I don't want to let them think they've won by scaring me out of here. I'm from around here and it's a nice home, I've got used to it," Teresa says.

With five children and only one income, Teresa has had to make do with secondhand clothing and furniture to replace what's been stolen.

She doesn't know who's responsible for the burglaries, but has the support of her friends and neighbours to call on whenever it happens.

After hearing about her difficult time, a support worker and friend put Teresa's name forward for sponsorship through Variety - the Children's Charity.

The Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme connects children with sponsors to help fulfil basic needs, with funds targeted towards each child's individual needs.

Sponsors pay a minimum of $45 a month which is administered by Variety and goes towards basic essentials, with sponsors receiving updates about their child's progress.

Teresa has applied for sponsorship for her eldest three children - Njideka, 9, Kruzia, 6, and Kanye, 5, whose last names are omitted for their privacy.

New school uniforms, stationery, and extra-curricular activities are some things Teresa will be able to afford for the children when they are sponsored.

"It would make a helluva difference," she says.

"I'm not one to ask for help. It's [foster care] something I can do for them and I've always loved to do it."

The Variety Kiwi Kids Sponsorship programme was launched four years ago, with 2800 New Zealand children already sponsored.

There are more than 360 Auckland children on the waiting list to be sponsored, with some waiting for more than six months.

Emily Ford

To sponsor a Kiwi kid like Njideka, Kruzia, or Kanye please click here. Change a child's life for good.