28 Mar 2017
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Ana is 17 years old and has Goldenhar Syndrome. This has caused multiple disabilities, including being born with one ear. She has severe hearing difficulties and communicates using New Zealand sign language, she also wears a hearing aid.

On advice from her teacher, Ana's mum applied to Variety for an iPad to help with her language and literacy skills which are also delayed. The family would not have been able to afford the device without support.

For Ana, the iPad has made a big difference and her mum couldn't be prouder: "Ana's world has now opened up. Along with the benefits for her learning, the device has also allowed Ana to communicate with her friends, and family who live out of town. Most of all, it's allowed her to feel like a normal teenager."

And that's the difference that Variety supporters are making - they're allowing young Kiwis to have the same opportunities as their peers, and feel like they fit in. 

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