13 Nov 2015
Anirudh preview

Anirudh's ultimate goal is to make the Black Sticks New Zealand men's hockey team. This year he has already made the Auckland under-18 squad and hopes to be selected for the New Zealand under-18 squad. He is captain of his college First XI and is also playing top-level club hockey. His team are hoping to win the tournament title this year.

In three years' time Anirudh hopes to make the New Zealand under-21 squad which will bring him closer to his main goal of becoming a Black Stick. He is also dedicated to his studies and was awarded the top academic prize at school in 2014, coming first overall for the year.

Anirudh will use his Gold Heart Scholarship to help fund travel and other costs associated with tournaments and competitions. The funds will also help him to purchase essential equipment.

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