Ashlie is 13, has a love for the outdoors and ambitions to become an animation designer, architect or environmental lawyer. She has shown resilience throughout her young life, courageously facing both heart and eye surgeries.

Early this year, she was looking forward to starting college. All she was missing was the $300 school uniform. 

Struggling Kiwi parents and caregivers, who just want the best for their children, are under pressure to pay for everything from books and uniforms to digital devices and sports fees. For families like Ashlie’s, stretched to the limit financially, even small school expenses can be too much.   

The $300 school uniform funded by Variety gave this brave teenager exactly what she needed to start the new school year with confidence. 

Individual grants like these are funded through our monthly giving programme, Hero for Kids, where for as little as $10 per month, you can help to ensure that more children will have access to the same opportunities as other kids, a happier, healthier childhood and the foundation for a brighter future.

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