Bella is the creative one, loves writing stories and drawing pictures. Her younger brother Rhett is the quiet type, loves to read books and build things. 

Their mother had struggled to provide for them. “It breaks my heart that I can’t afford the things they need to develop their talents,” she says. 

Their school, one of hundreds across New Zealand that Variety works closely with, encouraged the family to apply for Kiwi Kid Sponsorship. 

“The sponsorship has been an amazing and massive help as we have always been a struggling family and we couldn’t keep up financially.  

“My kids don’t have to miss out on school activities anymore. They have really come out of their shell and are more confident and able to join in with the other kids in school activities. It has been a big boost for them.  

“I can also now keep up with the kids clothing demands, as they grow so quickly.  

“I feel I can parent better as I don’t have to worry as much and I can be more present when I’m with my kids. I have less stress and can even save a little for activities for us during the school holidays. It’s been such a big help in every way.”

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