School work was never fun for Colton – until he could learn from home, on a digital device funded by Variety supporters. 

The seven-year-old has ADHD and a sensory disorder. He struggles socially and is able to focus more easily with one on one learning, says his mother.  

“The device has enabled him to continue his lessons at home. His teacher has downloaded educational resources on to it. This has made him look at learning as something enjoyable, instead of something he opposes.”

Variety provided 190 grants for digital devices in 2020 to facilitate online and remote learning. These much-needed tools helped children living in disadvantaged communities keep up with their peers during the Covid 19 lockdowns. 

It also gave children like Colton an alternative, more accessible way to learn. 

Individual grants like these are funded through our monthly giving programme, Hero for Kids, where for as little as $10 per month, you can help to ensure that more children will have access to the same opportunities as other kids, a happier, healthier childhood and the foundation for a brighter future. 

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