21 Jun 2017

Winter was a tough time for 7-year-old Eden. Although her mum, Deborah, budgets to get by on her very limited income, even basic essentials most of us take for granted are often out of reach.

Deborah shops at second-hand stores, but has found it increasingly difficult to provide winter clothing and bedding for Eden – she has eczema and this means she needs cotton clothing that doesn’t make her skin itch.

Knowing that Eden needed help, her mum reached out to Variety for help in May 2016, and thanks to people like you, things have changed for the better.

The young Kiwi used to sleep with a heavy wool blanket that irritated her skin and kept her awake itching. Her mum was delighted to tell me that since Eden has been sponsored they’ve been able to pass the blanket on to a family friend in need, and purchased a new duvet inner and cover for Eden that doesn’t make her itch.

Her mum says that Eden has always been a tall girl, but is growing exceptionally fast this year. This winter, thanks to her Kiwi Kid Sponsor, Eden kept warm, and was able to go and choose new winter clothing that fitted, and new school shoes for her growing feet too.

Will you help a child like Eden receive the vital help they need?

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