19 May 2015
Isaac preview image

Meet Eli. He's nine years old and is the second of triplets. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 14 months old. Eli’s mum has to monitor his blood glucose levels several times during the night and Eli is responsible for monitoring them up to eight times during the day. Variety has provided funds for Eli to get a continuous glucose monitor. This means that Eli’s mum will be able to sleep through the night knowing that an alarm will sound and wake her if Eli’s blood glucose is too high or low. 

It will also spell wonderful new freedom for Eli. His mum says that with this new technology he will be able to go to sleepovers like his brothers and join in vigorous activity. Most of all she’s looking forward to him being able to “join in regular childhood with confidence and without him having anxiety for his own wellbeing”. 

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