18 Oct 2017

Hope’s dream was a simple one. To run around for as long as her friends did in PE class.

The 12-year-old Bay of Plenty girl always gave physical activities her absolute best try, but all too often severe asthma left her sitting on the sidelines. Then recently, a doctor suggested that swimming might make a difference. Her mother, Moana, jumped at the chance to see her girl breathing more easily.

The problem was Hope couldn’t swim – and Moana couldn’t afford to pay for lessons. Thanks to our incredible family of supporters, Hope soon got the instruction she needed. Moana told us that the lessons have made a big difference to Hope’s lung capacity and breathing. The result? Hope can now participate in rigorous PE and sports activities.

“It means she can be part of the team.”

Not only has Hope’s breathing improved, she’s also more confident. Moana says that although the family started Hope swimming for therapy, she’s showing real talent at the sport. That took everyone by surprise!

“I couldn’t believe it when she was moved up a [swimming] group recently.”

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