28 Oct 2015

Meet Jade. She's a happy and outgoing teenager who loves music. Jade was diagnosed with multiple disabilities from birth including Fryns-Aftimos syndrome and vision and hearing impairments. 

Doctors suggested that a tablet to assist with communication would make a big difference for Jade, but the cost put the piece of technology out of reach for the young Kiwi. 

Thanks to our generous supporters, Variety provided a grant for Jade to get a tablet with the necessary software and her grandmother says it's already making a big difference:

"We were able to purchase a Samsung tablet for Jade which has voice activated text messaging and phoning function which has opened up her world. I receive daily text messages from Jade keeping me up to date with what's going on in her life, and she is also able to text her friends and siblings. We have noticed an increase in Jade's confidence as she is able to participate in the digital world of her peers, which she was unable to do previously due to poor literacy and limited eye hand coordination."

"It's difficult for families bringing up children with disabilities, with all the added commitment and expenses involved, so being able to give them a luxury item is very special and very much appreciated," says Jade's grandmother. 

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