20 Apr 2017

Jayden with his twin sisters, Ariana and Kaylee. Photo credit Robert Kitchin/Fairfax NZ

Two years ago, 7-year-old Jayden found it hard to shake colds and sickness, especially in winter. He was prone to chest infections and was frequently in hospital. His twin sisters Kaylee and Ariana (8) have asthma, and severe eczema which often kept them home from school.

Their mum, Kim, is devoted to her children, but without external support, they were struggling.

Things changed in 2015 when three of her four children were matched with sponsors through Variety’s Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme.

Ariana, who was previously quite shy, has come out of her shell. Kaylee’s eczema has cleared up and her confidence has grown. All three children now have warm clothing and bedding to help keep them healthy in winter, and boost their self-esteem. They have also been able to join in on an extracurricular sports activity that helps them feel included.

Best of all, none of the children have been to hospital since being matched with a sponsor.

Living in a cold, damp home has serious effects on a child. In fact, children from our most disadvantaged communities are three times more likely to end up in hospital for respiratory or infectious conditions (2015 Child Poverty Monitor).

Sponsor a Kiwi kid like Jayden today, and help keep them warm, dry and healthy this winter.

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