Every child needs to live in a warm, healthy home, and an important part of this is having their own bed to sleep in.  

It’s not only healthy, but it also gives a child a sense of safe space, of comfort and warmth, and most of all, a good night's sleep – vital for physical and mental growth. 

Thanks to the incredible response from people and organisations across Aotearoa, each winter we provide beds and warm bedding for hundreds of children who are sleeping on the floor, on couches or bed-sharing. 

One family tells of the extraordinary difference this support made for their boy last year:  

“Kaden was completely taken aback as he wasn’t expecting to come home to his first ever brand-new bed. He had spent the past few weeks sleeping on the couch; upgraded from the ground, and now a brand-new bed. 

“This is an act of love, encouragement and hope that we needed in the midst of this difficult time.” 

Individual grants like these are funded through our monthly giving programme, Hero for Kids, where for as little as $10 per month, you can help to ensure that more children will have access to the same opportunities as other kids, a happier, healthier childhood and the foundation for a brighter future. 

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Details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.