02 Apr 2019
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Living with a chronic illness – severe lung disease – nine-year-old Kullen has received funding for his very own Chromebook so that he can keep up at school, even on the many days he is unable to attend.

“The Chromebook has made such a difference for Kullen,” says his mum.

“Because Kullen spends so much time in hospital he was falling behind academically. We were always playing catch up. If he had to take a week or so off, it would set him so far back. Even though he would always do his best to get back on track, it would upset him as well,” she says.

“Now he has a Chromebook he can still keep up with his class.”

Not only can Kullen still do his school work on the days he isn’t able to make it into the classroom, he has also been utilising his Chromebook for his homework, as his school moves into a more digital-based learning environment.

“The Chromebook is helping Kullen greatly, not only academically, but socially and mentally too. It is helping to give him a normal and struggle and stress free education.”

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