18 Oct 2017

Nathan's new shoes

Nathan accepts that his mum, Nellie, can’t always provide. As Nellie explains,

He would say, ‘Mum, my shoes are giving me blisters.’ I would say, ‘I can’t afford to replace them right now. Maybe at Christmas we can get a new pair.’ He would say, ‘Mum, I understand.’

That changed when the 10-year-old was matched with a Variety Kiwi Kid Sponsor. A recent item they used the funds for was – you guessed it – shoes.

He chose three new pairs, one for running around, one casual and one for church. He’s proud of his shoes, and holds them up saying, “Mum, which pair should I wear today?”

Nellie tells him, “We’re just popping out to the supermarket. Go with the slip-on ones.”

Nathan loves school and can’t wait for intermediate. His favourite subject is maths and he wants to be a police officer. Nellie encourages him to be ambitious. She says that wasn’t how she was raised, but she thinks it’s important that her kids dream.

I told him, ‘You could be a police officer, you could be the first All Black who’s also a pastor!’

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