30 Mar 2017

For 9-year-old Precious, Kiwi Kid Sponsorship has made a world of difference. She had terrible eczema that made her itchy and damaged her skin. It was easily treatable but her mum, Sueanna, simply couldn’t afford the medication to make it better. 

The doctors also recommended cotton clothing to help her skin breathe, but it was just too expensive and Precious was often in pain.

When Precious was matched with a Kiwi Kid Sponsor her life changed for the better.

Sponsor a Kiwi kid like Precious

“Now I can get Precious her prescription and we’re noticed her skin getting much better,” said Sueanna.

“Thankfully I got her cotton t-shirts and pants too! It’s a relief knowing my girl isn’t in pain anymore.”

Thanks to her sponsor, Precious has also been able to join in on school trips with her classmates, and isn’t being left behind anymore.

“The start of school is very expensive for us, especially as it comes straight after Christmas. Thanks to her sponsor I’ve been able to get her stationery and a uniform, and have even got her school camp all paid for,” says a smiling Sueanna.

Precious loves learning and going to school each day. Now she’s going with the gear she needs, and without the distraction of sore, itchy skin. 

Sueanna couldn’t be happier:

“To some people these are little things – to us these are very big things.”

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