17 Feb 2020

Newshub Live at 6PM anchor Mike McRoberts is at it again, gifting a further 60 bikes and helmets to deserving school children in Napier and Whangarei on 18th Feb and 25th Feb respectively. In December, Mike presented the first tranche of 56 bikes and helmets to Auckland kids.

The bike presentation is made possible thanks to Mike’s participation in last year’s Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), where he successfully raised more than $40,000 for the Bikes for Kids programme of Variety – the Children’s Charity, which funded a total of 170 bikes and helmets.

Every year, Variety raises funds for its Bikes for Kids programme to benefit children from low-decile schools. Recipients of the bikes are those who have been nominated by people in their community – such as teachers or social workers – for their commendable efforts throughout the school year, for overcoming adverse circumstances, or because they wouldn’t otherwise have the means to purchase a bike. 

Variety Chief Executive Lorraine Taylor said, “For many Kiwi kids, riding or owning a bike is a rite of passage, and part of a normal and happy childhood. But for many of the families we serve, who struggle to provide even the basics to their children, providing their child with a bike is something they can only dream of. The reaction from parents is heartwarming – the gift of a bike ensures a child is just like their peers and can fully participate in community life including travelling independently to and from school.”

“Variety is enormously grateful to Mike and DWTS for their fantastic support for our programme. Thanks to them, more children are given the opportunity to ride with their mates and experience the joy having a bike of their own,” Lorraine said.

Mike is a long-time supporter of the programme, and Variety was his chosen DWTS charity.

"I grew up in a similar environment to these kids - my family didn't have a lot of money, but I still managed to get a bike. I just know what that means as a kid," Mike said. 

"It's the opportunity for these children to have a bike, and to have that active, sporting sensation of riding around on a bike, the independence that comes with it, the sense of confidence. It's just fantastic - you see the look on their faces when they get their bike and put their helmets on and they're ready to go - what a great start for them," he added.

To complete the series of DWTS bike presentations, Mike and Variety will be making their last stop in East Auckland in March to present 50 more children with their very own bike.

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