15 Feb 2017
nathaniel preview image

Photo credit Torika Tokalau/Fairfax NZ

Nathaniel, 12 years old, has been given the chance to learn the piano again after missing out on lessons because his family couldn't afford it.

The family live on one income, and piano lessons just became too much of a struggle to afford, on top of rent, groceries and bills. 

Thanks to his generous Kiwi Kid Sponsor, Nathaniel is now able to pursue his passion and explore his musical talent. You can read Nathaniel's story published on here.

1 in 3 Kiwi kids are living in deprivation, and missing out on extra life opportunities like participating in a sport or dance, or learning an instrument. 

These kids are also missing out on the very basics like clothes and shoes that fit, warm bedding or a jacket in the winter, and a school uniform too. 

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