With your help, Variety reaches Kiwi kids across the country and each one has a story worth sharing. Here are just a few of those stories.

How sponsorship has helped Amelia

Amelia is no stranger to pain. She has weathered major health storms, had several surgeries and lives with learning disabilities. Her medical bills and cost of therapy has caused financial strain on the family... Read more

Colton at home with learning now

School work was never fun for Colton – until he could learn from home, on a digital device funded by Variety supporters. The seven-year-old has ADHD and a sensory disorder. He struggles... Read more

Bella and Rhett come out of their shell

Bella is the creative one, loves writing stories and drawing pictures. Her younger brother Rhett is the quiet type, loves to read books and build things. Their mother had struggled to provide for them. "It breaks... Read more

Music is Eliza’s companion

Eliza had a tough start to life, causing her to struggle socially, emotionally and cognitively. At ten years old, she still had the coping skills of a toddler and could only manage one hour of school per day. The family’s social worker has... Read more

Big surprise awaited Kaden

Every child needs to live in a warm, healthy home, and an important part of this is having their own bed to sleep in. It’s not only healthy, but it also gives a child a sense of safe space, of comfort and warmth, and most of all, a good night's sleep – vital for... Read more

Help couldn’t have come at a better time for Kirsty

Kirsty and her partner were struggling to support the needs of their three children when someone suggested they apply for help from Variety. Kirsty was particularly concerned for her two boys, who have ADHD. They... Read more

Ashlie off to a good start at high school

Ashlie is 13, has a love for the outdoors and ambitions to become an animation designer, architect or environmental lawyer. She has shown resilience throughout her young life, courageously facing both heart and eye surgeries... Read more