21 Nov 2018

Being able to put on a brand new, fully waterproof jacket for school has made the world of difference for *Ellie.

She and two of her siblings are on the Variety Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme, but according to their Dad, it’s not only the girls who are benefiting.

“I am on a very, very tight budget, and as a parent, not being able to provide your children with everything you want cuts you up,” he says, adding that the sponsorship allows him to spoil his three girls and ‘make them feel special’.

“It’s really nice that I can say to them, look, you can have a nice jacket, one that is waterproof even. It is really great to be able to do that,” he says.

“They are all very aware of the help we are receiving. They always get so excited when we can go to The Warehouse for essentials.”

Lack of money and illness are significant limiting factors in their lives. This is largely due to the fact that their Dad lives with Parkinson’s disease and hasn’t been able to work full-time for more than five years.

The father adds that the benefit of Kiwi Kid Sponsorship is not just access to essentials but also opportunities. Two of the sisters recently went on school camps – and this, he says, is something that simply wasn’t feasible prior to their sponsorship.

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