11 Jun 2018

It had been something she kept in the back of her mind for many years, but after taking the leap and signing up as a sponsor of the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme, Auckland mother of two, Mailene, wouldn’t change a thing.

Fittingly, Mailene now sponsors two Kiwi kids, who have become ‘like a part of the family’.

“I’ve got my two [sponsored] kids on the fridge and we talk about them a lot, but especially when it’s their birthday or around Christmas time.”

“I really try to make sure my boys appreciate the life they have and always encourage them to think of others. We have a lot of family surrounding us and a lot of people to call on – we have a lot of support. Not everyone has that.”

Having become a sponsor last year, Mailene says she now encourages everyone around her to get involved.

“I’ve been telling everyone, all of my friends and family, about the programme.”