21 Nov 2018
andy 1

Giving up a few hours of his time to help others is a no-brainer for our long-time supporter Andy Medcalf.

Having now run four fundraising events, with all proceeds raised benefitting Kiwi kids in need, Andy says he couldn’t imagine a life without giving back.

“You can’t choose the life you’re given, so anything that people can do with their own time to make someone else’s life a bit easier is worth it,” he says.

“Just because someone has a difficult start doesn’t mean they can’t have a successful future. . . It’s nice to be able to help other people to get there.”

Andy, who teaches classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, as well as trains himself, hosts a six-hour Charity Roll event every few months - where the aim is for participants to take part in a sparring session for as long as they can, and all the while raising money for Kiwi kids. 

“It only takes a few hours and at the end of the day we are fit, healthy and in a position to be able to do something,” Andy says of his commitment to keep running the events.

“I truly believe everyone deserves a decent start in life.”

To host a community fundraising event yourself, email