07 Nov 2019

Brand new bikes and helmets will be presented to 30 deserving children at Wymondley Road School on Thursday, 14 November 2019. The bike presentation is part of Variety’s 30th anniversary celebration and is a joint event with long-term supporter Ford Motor Company NZ.

Every year, Variety raises funds for its Bikes for Kids programme to benefit children from low-decile schools. Recipients of the bikes are those who have been nominated by people in their community – like teachers or social workers – for their commendable efforts throughout the school year, for overcoming adverse circumstances, or because they wouldn’t otherwise have the means to purchase a bike.

The past year, Variety presented 208 bikes and helmets to school children all around New Zealand, bringing the total to 7,332 bikes and helmets throughout its 30-year history.

Variety Chief Executive Lorraine Taylor shared the importance of the event to the families, and to Variety:

“For many Kiwi kids, riding or owning a bike is a rite of passage, or part of a normal and happy childhood. But for many of the families we serve, who struggle to provide even the basics to their children, their child owning a bike is something they can only dream of. We’ve had families thanking us for giving their children the means to travel independently to and from school. While the children themselves have thanked us for giving them the opportunity to ride with their mates and experience the joy and freedom it brings.

“Ford is co-presenting one bike for each of the 30 years that Variety has been in New Zealand, which is almost the same length of time that Ford has been a valued corporate partner. Having them on board our Bikes for Kids programme is something we are thankful for and very proud of.”

Ford Managing Director Simon Rutherford expressed the company’s commitment to the partnership. “Ford recognises how mobility empowers and enables individuals, young and old. Variety has given us the perfect avenue to impact the lives of Kiwi kids, through their Bikes for Kids programme, and get kids moving. We are proud of the partnership and are committed supporters of Variety programmes.”


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