24 Jan 2019

Off the back of increased calls from caregivers around the country for help with basic school essentials, Variety – the Children’s Charity has launched a Back to School Appeal.

The charity hopes that by shining a light on the struggles many families face at this time of the year, it will find sponsors for as many of the children on its waiting list as possible, which will give them the start to school they deserve.

Lorraine Taylor, Variety’s chief executive officer, says that over the past few weeks it has become increasingly clear just how difficult this time of year can be for families.

“From the numerous requests that have passed my desk, to the many calls our team is receiving from caregivers who, quite frankly, are extremely stressed and frantic because they cannot afford to purchase required uniform items and are worried that their children will miss the start of school because of this, it is quite alarming.”

Taylor adds that while the charity has found the costs associated with uniforms to be the biggest pain-point with families who are already struggling financially, it has also received many requests for help with stationery and other school-related costs, including school camps.

“This is evident in the large number of school related claims our team has processed over the past few months. From just November last year, over 44% of all requests for assistance have been for school essentials, totalling $81,862,” she says.

“For families already struggling to keep up with everyday costs like rent, power and food, back to school expenses for their children are simply impossible to meet. If you can, I implore you to please consider sponsoring a child in need so that we can ensure these children start school confident, with a uniform and supplies.”

Sponsorship costs from $45 per month. Sponsor a Kiwi kid today.