31 Jul 2019

Variety - the Children's Charity has launched its second annual Warm Hearts Winter Appeal, to provide beds and warm bedding for 300 disadvantaged Kiwi kids.

Chief Executive Officer Lorraine Taylor said the appeal, which runs to the end of August, is in response to the needs the charity is seeing on a daily basis.

“It’s an alarming fact that more than one in 10 children* in our poorest communities don't have their own beds. They're sharing a bed with others or sleeping on the floor.

“It’s a sad and disturbing reality that for far too many Kiwi kids their ‘bedtime story’ has no happy ending.”

“Winter is just the worst of time for these kids and their families.

“They are struggling to make ends meet – trying to heat a home, trying to put food on the table, trying to provide for their children in terms of keeping them warm. So parents and families are going without basic essentials such as beds, warm clothes, and school uniforms.

“We know that children who have to share a bed or sleep on the floor are at higher risk of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, rheumatic fever and respiratory infections.

“They’re also missing out on the sleep they need to start the day refreshed and ready for school.”

In order to reach those children who need Variety’s help the most, the charity has teamed up with an organisation called the Healthy Homes Initiative, which works with financially disadvantaged families to make their houses warmer, drier and safer.

Variety has set a target to provide 300 Kiwi kids with their very own beds and bedding this winter through a new programme, Beds for Kids.

To achieve this target, they are relying on caring Kiwis to get behind their Variety Warm Hearts Winter Appeal.

You can donate online at

For $47 you can fund a bedding pack for an infant, while $105 will fund a bedding pack for a child; with mattress, sheets, blanket and duvet.

A larger sum of $450 provides a child with their very own bed plus a bedding pack, while $900 will provide bunk beds and bedding for two siblings.

*Child Poverty Monitor 2018