About Us

Variety began in Pittsburgh, USA in 1928 when a group of Variety performers discovered an abandoned baby in an empty theatre. A police search failed to find the mother so the performers underwrote her care and education and so began Variety’s philanthropic focus. With these strong roots in entertainment, we’re now famous for unique fundraising events and campaigns.

Variety is a worldwide organisation with 43 offices across 13 countries. Variety New Zealand benefits from its international links, but ensures that all funds raised in New Zealand stay in New Zealand.

We fill the funding gapsĀ and meet a wide range of grass-roots needs through our Future Kiwi Kids, Caring for Kids and Kids on the Move programmes, and through our signature event, the Variety Bash.

Since 1989 Variety has helped create brighter futures for Kiwi kids by providing more than:
103 Variety Sunshine Coaches
14 mobile ear clinics
195 grants for hearing and communication
4,082 bikes presented to children in the Bikes for Kids programme
342 pieces of mobility equipment
27 Variety Liberty Swings installed
72 Variety Gold Heart Scholarships awarded
2,020 general grants