We have children
like Aaliah waiting for
urgent help.

You can make a lasting difference
for one child today.

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Sponsor a Kiwi kid

Right now, over 346 children are waiting for a life-changing sponsorship.

Two years ago, 7-year-old Jayden was prone to chest infections and was often in hospital. The house he lives in with his mum Kim, brother and twin sisters was always cold in winter – Kim’s budget didn’t stretch to heating.  Kiwi Kid Sponsorship changed Jayden’s life, and his sisters’ too.   Jayden’s story

In New Zealand, nearly 1 in 3 of our children go without the basics every child needs and deserves. Sponsor a child and change their life today.

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How Variety Helps

Variety provides tailored, flexible support to give disadvantaged Kiwi kids the childhood they deserve. We provide basic essentials like school uniforms and clothing, and life opportunities they'd otherwise miss out on, like school camps and swimming lessons. 
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