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Since 2013, thousands of generous New Zealanders have responded to the needs of children living in poverty through Variety’s Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme.

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Sponsor a Kiwi kid

Make a difference with a regular donation, starting from just $50 per month. Give a child the essentials they need most as they grow up. It's how you can have a lasting impact on their health, schooling and wellbeing.

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Become a hero!

As a monthly donor, you’ll help make dreams come true for Kiwi kids, giving them a happier, healthier childhood. For as little as $20 a month, you can help give children across New Zealand the everyday essentials they need to thrive.

Major Giving

Every donation helps, but if you wish to give $250 or more a month, you may want to consider becoming a Variety Guardian.


With your help, Variety reaches children and young people across New Zealand

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“My girl is deaf and has a heart condition. We have been very, very lucky to get sponsorship through Variety that has enabled her in a positive way.”

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“I hope you fully understand how much your assistance has helped eased the back-to-school pressure and stress. Thank you deeply.”

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“You have helped my children thrive in their sporting passions and build their confidence in their abilities. They are very happy humans.”

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